Public Ice Time

At this time, the Snow King Sports & Events Center is not hosting any public ice, freestyle skating, or open hockey.  Please check back for any updates. 
Public Skating

Open public skating is provided for skaters of all ages to simply enjoy the fun of skating with friends, family, and neighbors.  Skate rentals are available, so whether you’re an experienced skater or you’re getting on ice for the first time, this is the ice time for you.

Freestyle Skating

Freestyle skating is time that is dedicated for figure skaters who want to work on their skills, routines, or take private lessons with a professional instructor.

Open Hockey

Open hockey is specifically for hockey players who want to practice their skating, shooting, or stick handling skills or play in a pick-up game.

Season Passes

Public Skating Season Passes provide users with access to all public ice times including Open Public Skating, Freestyle Skating and Open Hockey.

Check the Calendar!

Public skating times vary, so always double check the Calendar for the most up to date skating schedule.