Welcome to Jackson Hole’s Indoor Ice Skating Rink and Conference Center

With the return of students to Teton County Schools on Monday, November 30, 2020, Snow King Center will also reopen to serve our private Youth and Adult hockey and figure skating programs. We have worked closely with Jackson Youth Hockey to coordinate enhanced Covid-19 protocols (link below) that substantially strengthen the safety of these programs and their participants. We will also re-open for other adult and recreational skating programs with strong Covid-19 protocols. Skaters will need to follow carefully the protocols that each program has established to protect its participants. We have coordinated these steps and plans with the Town of Jackson and Public Health officials to ensure they meet or exceed current guidelines. Due to continuing concerns about large group events, Jackson Hole Moose hockey games will not return for the for-seeable future. Please contact Bob Carruth (307-699-4983) or Kyle Krauss (630-699-6535) with any questions or concerns.

SKSEC Staff: Bob Carruth, Kyle Krauss, Mac Munro
CMI, Inc. Board of Directors: John Valiante, Stephen Sullivan, James Coleman, Andrew Brigham


Snow King Sports & Events Center is the Jackson Hole’s only indoor ice rink. We are home to ice hockey and figure skating programs; public ice skating; youth and adult ice skating instruction; Jackson Hole Moose hockey; and large-scale conference, convention, trade show, entertainment and community events.

Our Resident Organizations & Programs

Snow King Sports & Events Center is a vibrant center for the following:

Jackson Hole Moose Hockey

The Jackson Hole Moose Hockey team is a nonprofit organization that competes in the Senior A division of the U.S.A. Hockey Association. The competition level is full-check hockey with no holds barred action. The Moose play a 30-game home schedule on Friday and Saturday nights throughout the winter at the Snow King Sports & Events Center.

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