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The Snow King Sports & Events Center

Offering Year-Round Events For All Ages

Snow King Sports & Events Center stands as the exclusive indoor ice rink within the Jackson Hole area. Our establishment proudly hosts an array of activities including ice hockey and figure skating programs, public ice skating sessions, comprehensive youth and adult ice skating instruction, as well as being the home venue for the esteemed Jackson Hole Moose hockey team. Furthermore, we accommodate a diverse range of large-scale events such as conferences, conventions, trade shows, entertainment showcases, and community gatherings.

The facility encompasses a generous expanse of approximately 25,000 square feet. Within this space, four well-appointed locker rooms and three functional offices are available to cater to the needs of our visitors. The ice rink is operational from the months of October through April, while transitioning to host dry floor events and private gatherings during the period from May to September.

Snow King Sports & Events Center Staff & Board

Arena Staff

Bob "Howie" Carruth

GM of CMI & JH Moose Hockey

Mac Munro

Director of Marketing & Fundraising

Sean Hannafin

Business Manager

TJ Thomas

Director of Operations

Snow King Sports & Events Center Staff & Board

Board of Directors

Steve Sullivan

Board Member

John Valiante

Board Member

Andrew Brigham

Board Member

The Management Group

Center Management, Inc. (CMI)



(307) 601-1633

CMI was founded in October 2011 as a nonprofit public benefit corporation to operate the Snow King Sports and Events Center for the 2011-2012 ice season.

Following a successful winter season, the Town of Jackson awarded a three-year lease for the year-round operation of the Ice Rink and the April-September operation off the Lodge Room for conferences, conventions, meetings and other events. As a community organization, CMI plans to operate the Sports & Events Center on a self-sustaining basis with all operating expenses covered by user fees and revenues from sponsored programs, promotions and events.

CMI was founded by board members John Valiante, Steve Sullivan and Hal Hutchinson who subsequently brought Bob Carruth and Jeff Potter on board as the CMI Management Team.

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